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  • ApoE4 and increased risk of Alzheimer’s

    My significant other (SO) has a good chance of getting Alzheimer’s, based on his family history and genetics (he’s ApoE4 homozygous). We discovered this when he got his DNA tested. So my goal (that sounds really ambitious – maybe I should say “aim”? Trying again…) My aim is to find preventive measures for Alzheimer’s, specifically …

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  • Choosing the Right College

    Is it worth paying more for a “top 10” school? You get accepted to a private school / Ivy League that will cost a fortune. You’re also accepted by a public university which doesn’t have as good a reputation but costs much less. Does it matter which one you choose? One factor in your decision …

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  • Is going to college worth it?

    College is expensive. Students are graduating with massive debts that take the rest of their lives to pay off. Is it worth it? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never graduated from college, so perhaps a college degree isn’t even necessary. But are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckenberg, and Joi Ito rarities in this world, …

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  • Is college worth it? Which college is the best for what I want to do?

    Let’s face it, college is expensive. Many students are graduating with humongous debt, and the question is — is it worth it? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never graduated from college, so perhaps a college degree isn’t even necessary. But Bill Gates & Steve Jobs are just 2 examples — can we quantify this and …

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  • Mining Wikipedia paper at ICWSM 2012

    Yay! My paper entitled “What Britney Spears and Kobe Bryant Have in Common: Mining Wikipedia for Characteristics of Notable Individuals” was accepted at ICWSM 2012The pdf can be downloaded here: Mining Wikipedia For Characteristics of Notable Individuals.pdfSo what do Britney and Kobe have in common? They’re both successful, and my research shows that having a …

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  • Names and Birth States Found Frequently in Wikipedia

    Oprah Winfrey, a successful person with an uncommon name. Bill Gates , Microsoft founder and philanthropist. Born as William Gates, but everyone calls him Bill. What makes a person successful? As parents, we try to make the best choices to help our children become successful and happy. One of the first things that we decide …

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  • Enrichment of Names in Wikipedia

  • Method for Data Mining Wikipedia

    What makes a person famous or successful? If a person is in Wikipedia, it’s because they’ve done some remarkable things. Presidents, successful businessmen like Bill Gates</A HREF>, and great entertainers like Elvis Presley</A HREF> are all in Wikipedia. So the next question is, if I look at all the names of people in Wikipedia, do …

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  • How likely a person will be in Wikipedia based on birth state

  • Tourist safety by country

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