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Fantasy and Genetics – Do They Go Together Like Science and Fiction?

This could be a disaster. I’m launching a new website that does genetic analyses for fun. It combines make-believe and science. There are a lot of direct-to-consumer genetics products out there, yet genetics is not very predictive at the individual level. The science behind these difficulties is abtruse, so why not have some fun while helping people understand …

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FactPub – a framework for disseminating facts of closed papers

Phen-Gen for finding candidate genes in rare disorders

SIFT (Prediction of Missense Genomes)


Reverse engineering contingency (2×2) table from Odds Ratio (OR)

Given the odds ratio (OR), we will calculate the individual cells in the contingency table (a,b,c,d). In yellow, I’ve highlighted what is known. a,b,c, and d are unknown and what we want to calculate. Odds Ratio = (a/c) / (b/d) Cases Controls Total Exposed a b total_exposed (a+b) Unexposed c d total_unexposed(c+d) Total total_cases(a+c) total_controls(b+d) …

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