Method for Data Mining Wikipedia

What makes a person famous or successful? If a person is in Wikipedia, it’s because they’ve done some remarkable things.
Presidents, successful businessmen like Bill Gates</A HREF>, and great entertainers like Elvis Presley</A HREF> are all in Wikipedia.

So the next question is, if I look at all the names of people in Wikipedia, do some names appear more often than expected? For example, what if 10% of the male population was named “John”, but in
Wikipedia, 20% of the males were named John? If people named “John” are twice as likely to be in Wikipedia, then this would suggest that “John”s are two times more likely to successful (2 = 20%/10%).

So I looked at all the first names in Wikipedia and calculated which occured more often than expected.

It turns out that people with less popular names are more likely to be successful.

There’s been some literature on this subject, but to the best of my knowledge, no one has used the Internet. The advantage of using such a large database as Wikipedia is that you get more points, and with more points there is predictability.

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